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Sell Your Sports & Leisure Business

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Sport is one of several diverse and expanding leisure industries that are assuming increasing importance in modern and developing economies.

In the UK, leisure accounts for nearly 30% of total consumer spending, and has increased in importance to such an extent that a specialist government department (now called the Department of Culture, Media and Sport) has been created to oversee policy in the sector.

The leisure sector is a diverse group of industries, which includes not only sport, but also tourism, hospitality, entertainment, countryside recreation, the arts and heritage.

Consumers spend more on leisure services than all housing related goods and services combined.

Buyers of businesses in this industry remain focused on the best possible location, access to funding, tenure, quality of asset, sector,competition, brand awareness etc.

Do you have a business in this sector and wish to explore its saleability?

Get in touch today.

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