Welcome to NOVUS Business Brokers


We offer business broker services to small business owners looking to sell a business.


We have a principle-based approach that ensures our team follows  The FOUR W's



We are a UK based broker helping our local businesses achieve maximum value.

Our service is tailored for business owners with a typical deal value of up to £1m

Selling A Business

If you are looking to sell a business with a broker you can trust. We can offer you a service that meets your needs.

Buying A Business

We are constantly adding new business opportunities to our database. Find your perfect business for sale today.

The FOUR W's

A Principle-Based Approach

We create a competitive marketplace to maximise value for your business.


We provide the highest level of service to small business owners.


We offer a cost-effective service for your business sale.

We tailor our service to fit your needs.


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Our Sector

hotel and B&B
Sports and Leisure
car garage
service business
beauty shop
online business
coffee shop

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